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Both nature & culture are major components of Indonesian tourism. The natural heritage can boast a unique combination of a tropical climate, a vast archipelago of 17,508 islands. The beaches in Bali, Mount Bromo in East Java, Lake Toba and various national parks in Sumatra are just a few examples of popular scenic destinations.
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Sumatra, a large Indonesian island west of Java and south of the Malay Peninsula, is known for its rugged tropical terrain, wildlife and smoldering volcanoes. .

Java, lying between Sumatra and Bali, is a volcano-studded island that’s at the geographic and economic center of Indonesia, and home to more than half its people. Java’s largest city is modern, sprawling Jakarta, the nation’s capital. Its home to the expansive National Museum, an old town, Kota Tua, with Dutch colonial buildings, as well as upscale hotels, malls and nightspots..

Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo, the 3rd largest island in the world. Borneo, a giant, rugged island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, is shared by the Malaysian states Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesian Kalimantan and the tiny nation of Brunei. It’s known for its beaches and ancient, biodiverse rainforest, home to wildlife including orangutans and clouded leopards. In Sabah is 4,095m-tall Mt. Kinabalu, the island’s highest peak, and, offshore, the famed dive site Sipadan Island.

Sulawesi, an Indonesian island east of Borneo, comprises 4 peninsulas radiating from a mountainous center. It’s known for its coral reefs and famed dive sites, such as Bunaken Marine Park, the Togian Islands and Wakatobi Marine Park. Lembeh Strait is popular for muck diving. The island’s largest city is Makassar, home to Fort Rotterdam, a former Dutch fortification now housing 2 museums.

Papua, Indonesia’s easternmost province, encompasses the western half of New Guinea and several other islands. An area of cultural and biological diversity, its rainforests and mountains are inhabited by indigenous Melanesian tribes and diverse wildlife including tree kangaroos and birds of paradise. Whale sharks swim amid the hard coral gardens of Cenderawasih Bay National Park, a dive site off the north coast.

Maluku (Indonesian: Provinsi Maluku) (English: Moluccas) is a province of Indonesia. It comprises the central and southern regions of the Maluku Islands.

Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats.

Nusa Tenggara (“Southeast Islands”), also known as the Lesser Sunda Islands, is a region of eastern Indonesia.